Troubleshooting 2.0 - ENcome's TREX Tool Takes O&M to the Next Level


TREX, short for Troubleshooting Excellence, is ENcome's latest tool, which, like other internal processes, enhances solar system yields through an increase of productivity. Developed and tested over months, it now assists the entire operation of the 2 GW portfolio by quickly understanding and resolving error codes.

Efficiency in Focus: Less downtime and faster interventions are just two customer benefits to mention. TREX is a dynamic error code database that simplifies technical support by conveying error codes and their solutions. Customers now benefit from an even more efficient operations management that rapidly deciphers error codes and provides detailed diagnostic information.

In addition to supporting error codes, TREX also offers a download center. "This valuable resource allows users to access a wide range of resources, including inverter descriptions and documentation, further facilitating the maintenance process," says Eric Tilly, Manager Group Operations at ENcome. "The platform is continually expanding, integrating internal O&M solutions from the entire ENcome network." 

Key Customer Benefits 

Rapid Problem Resolution: It significantly speeds up troubleshooting, reduces downtime, and enhances the efficiency of maintenance and repairs. TREX is a powerful ally for ENcome's customers and service technicians, setting new standards in service quality. 

Focus on System Output: TREX is a unique resource, which is indirectly available exclusively to ENcome customers through their O&M contracts. It was developed to further increase the productivity of entrusted solar systems. This underscores the commitment to developing innovative solutions that prioritize solar system output. EVERY WATT COUNTS. 

Improved Response Times: During sunny months, it is crucial for technicians to transition between systems without unnecessary delays to ensure smooth operation. This is essential for the efficiency of system operation. 

ENcome's commitment to developing innovative tools is once again evident with the introduction and use of TREX throughout the portfolio. The database not only streamlines technical support but also strengthens ENcome's position as one of the market leaders in the field of technical operation and maintenance of PV systems, ultimately benefiting their valued customers. 

About ENcome 

ENcome is a leading international provider of operation and maintenance services for photovoltaic systems. With a strong focus on quality, safety, and innovation, ENcome ensures peak performance and longevity for the customers of ENcome Energy Performance worldwide.