Engineering & Advisory

In the field of engineering and advisory, we leverage our extensive experience in PV power plant operation to offer the following services:

PV power plant inspections

  • PV power plant inspections and E-Checks compliant with specific regulations
  • Technical reports and expert opinions, including yield studies, insurance surveys, and technical due diligence reports
  • Comprehensive assessments and in-depth analysis of warranties and guarantees

Owners & Lenders Engineering

  • Evaluation of power plant configurations
  • Construction supervision and technical acceptance of PV power plants
  • PV power plant certificates
  • Quality audits
  • Procurement Support
  • Design to Operate

Transaction Services

  • Due diligence services for (re-)financing, buy- and sell-side activities
  • Support/advisory for evaluation and negotiation of purchase price
  • General support for (re-)financing, buy- and sell-side activities

PV power plant overhaul and optimization

  • Assessment and evaluation of the 'as-built' status, including security systems, power plant monitoring, components, configuration, and performance
  • Creation and implementation of improvement plans
  • Execution of repowering initiatives

Engineering & Design Services

  • Site visits
  • Yield assessment
  • Simulations with PVSyst and PVSol
  • Acquisition design
  • Preliminary planning
  • Full detailed construction design
  • Willingness to create drawings
  • EPC and O&M Technical Contract terms
  • Refurbishment projects / Repowering
  • Performance improving Upgrades
  • Security System Concepts
  • Planning and execution of PID recovery measures