ENcome successfully entered market in Asia Pacific


ENcome delivers its first utility scale project in the Taiwanese market after establishing the regional office in Taipei last year. The construction supervision of a 21 MWp ground mounted PV project in Pingtung, the most Southern county of Taiwan, has been successfully delivered, despite many challenges Covid19 brought to the global community.

A long-term commitment of the Taiwanese government for the sustainable growth of renewable energy combined with a growing appetite for green energy by multi-national corporations, made Taiwan the ideal candidate for ENcomes’ Asia-Pacific regional hub. “It is satisfying to see that our initial targets have been reached in only one year” says Benjamin Gevelhoff, Managing Director of ENcome Energy Performance Asia-Pacific LLC. “Australia as our largest market in the region is thriving with a portfolio of now ca. 600 MWp under O&M management, and first projects are now also being delivered in Taiwan as well,” he adds.

With its Engineering & Advisory experience spanning the entire globe, ENcome was able to attract institutional investors in Taiwan and deliver high quality PV construction in this unique market. With a sophisticated strategy of combining local resources and overseas experience and supervision, ENcome successfully mitigated construction risks and avoided delays for its client. “It was a challenge to transfer our international know-how to Taiwan in times of Covid19, but strong local partnerships and our ample experience from Europe and Australia helped us to deliver this project and will help us to further grow this promising market”, points out Andreas Leimbach, Managing Director of ENcome Group.

With investors and asset owners trusting the long-term experience of ENcome to mitigate and uncover project risks in early stages, the market continues to be promising for ENcome to further expand into and also aim for first O&M contracts in the APAC region beyond the already strong market position in Australia.

About ENcome:
The ENcome Group is a leading independent service provider for the operation of photovoltaic power plants with a focus on technical management, engineering services and consulting. In managing the power plants, the ENcome Group's service focuses on maximising short-term accessibility and performance as well as long-term value retention.