ENcome expands service offering by “Design-to-Operate“


The development of the photovoltaics industry from a subsidized approach towards a competitive energy generation on the basis of power purchase agreements requires new thinking for the optimization of construction and operation of PV power plants.

Thus, ENcome expands their service offering by “Design-to-Operate“, which includes early involvement of the O&M service provider already in the planning phase. Major customer benefits include early optimization of OpEx and energy output over the full lifetime of PV power plants.

„Changing market conditions alongside a considerably increasing focus of our customers on quality and optimization require constant rethinking of our business model. “Design-to-Operate“ is an outcome of that process and underlines the significance of professional O&M services for the performance of PV power plants over their full lifetime “, explain Dr. Robin Hirschl und Burkhard Söhngen, both Managing Directors at ENcome Energy Performance GmbH.

While optimization of construction costs is mainly subject to professional execution of construction works and the usage of more efficient components, the optimization of operation over the full lifecycle of assets can only be achieved by leveraging experience and findings of long-term asset operation. In this regard, professional O&M service providers with a sound track record in long-term operation, such as Encome will play a vital role. Both, providers of capital such as investors and banks, as well as O&M service providers have a big interest that PV power plants reach or even supersede predicted performance. Even more so, they aim at continuously high availability and low operational cost. As a result, there is an alignment of interest between investor, bank and O&M service provider. This is why there should be a high willingness of the aforesaid parties to jointly realize potentials for optimized operation already during the planning phase.

As an additional advantage of “Design-to-Operate” potential conflicts of interest between investor, general contractor/EPC and O&M service provider can be addressed very profoundly by an early involvement of the O&M service provider. As a consequence of the high level of specialization on the one hand, and the aligned interest on the other hand, also guarantees and warranties (PR and/or availability) can be effectively and efficiently harmonized early in the process between the parties.

About ENcome:

The ENcome group is a pan-European leading and independent provider for the operation of photovoltaic power plants with focus on technical Operation and Maintenance (O&M), technical Asset Management (TAM), as well as Engineering & Advisory services. At present ENcome operates power plants with a nominal capacity of several hundred megawatts all major European markets. Well skilled engineers ensure the best yield for every renewable energy park in any grid environment.