ENcome Energy Performance operates Carinthian's largest roof installation


Since Friday, September 13th 2013 the photovoltaic roof installation, located in the Carinthian Rosental, is successfully grid connected. ENcome Energy Performance as an independent operator ensures maximum yield right from the beginning and 365 days a year.

The roof installation has an installed peak capacity of 998.4 kWp and is one of the largest roof installations in Austria. The plant is built up of 4,000 modules and 20 inverters which are controlled via the ENcome monitoring system called ENcome Energy Monitor. In the event of a system malfunction, the operator guarantees a rapid error response time. In the case that a failure cannot be corrected remotely, ENcome’s professional engineers are on site within a few hours – day and night – to re-establish the plant’s energy production as fast as possible. While this is typically done by an extensive network of field engineers and partners, this specific installation is serviced by ENcome’s headquarter in Klagenfurt due to the close geographical proximity.

Besides the continuous, long-term and sustainable servicing of the power plant by ENcome, the operator also represents the owner’s interest towards the constructor during the warranty period. As an independent service provider ENcome assures the proper construction and documentation of the installation in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as to prepare the successful operation of the power plant for the next decades.

To make the plant operation also publicly available, ENcome has installed a screen display visualizing the current values of the main plant parameters. The screen is located in the foyer of the installation’s building. This graphical demonstration additionally serves as a positive, green Marketing effect for the plant owner and provides the customer a more understandable insight into the topic Photovoltaic.

ENcome Energy Performance was founded by a team of three managers that bring together close to 40 years of experience in renewable energy and more than 20 years in PV to the business. Well skilled engineers ensure the best yield for every renewable energy park in any grid environment. ENcome’s flexible and scalable monitoring infrastructure, with a frontend tailored for plant owners and investors, optimizes the user experience for our customers and the efficiency of our operation team. ENcome offers all services along the asset lifecycle with one single point of contact, partnering amongst others with renowned law firms, tax advisers and security centers.