ENcome Donates Solar Modules for Sustainable Development in Kenya


ENcome Energy Performance, a leading provider of O&M services for PV installations, is once again making a meaningful impact this holiday season. In its annual tradition, ENcome has donated solar modules, and this year's contribution is directed towards the SOS Children's Villages in Mombasa, Kenya, highlighting the company's commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

As a key player in the O&M sector, ENcome recognizes the importance of reliable and cost-effective solar energy, particularly in regions where power outages and a lack of a stable power grid are commonplace. The donated solar modules will contribute to establishing a sustainable and independent energy source for children in developing countries. 

SOS Children's Villages have been utilizing solar technology in various projects, showcasing the versatile applications of solar energy in enhancing daily life. From solar-powered water pumps in arid areas to providing illumination for evening studies through solar lamps in households without electricity, the positive impact of solar energy is evident. 

ENcome's involvement in sustainable projects extends beyond the donation of solar modules. The company has been actively engaged in maintaining and optimizing photovoltaic systems especially in Europe and Australia, ensuring their efficiency and longevity. The focus on Operation and Maintenance underscores ENcome's dedication to the entire lifecycle of solar installations, from their initial deployment to ongoing performance enhancement. 

ENcome's donation aligns with its commitment to Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, and the advancement of solar energy solutions. As the 50 least developed countries face the dual challenges of climate change impact and increasing energy demands, contributions like ENcome's actively support "green" development, showcasing the company's dedication to creating a positive environmental and social impact. 

In summary, ENcome's annual solar module donation not only demonstrates the company's commitment to Sustainable Development but also highlights the pivotal role of O&M services in ensuring the long-term success of solar projects.