ENcome is operating the world’s largest in-roof PV power plant


With more than 11,200 PV modules and 140 string inverters, spread over 12 farm buildings, ENcome continuously expanses its portfolio of roof installations in Italy.

The roof-installation is located in the municipality Cologna Veneta in northern Italy and has an installed peak capacity of 2.7 MWp. This innovative technology serves as a replacement for roof tiles and represents a highly aesthetic mounting solution for photovoltaic roof installations. Beside a higher feed-in tariff that is granted for such a type of installation in some countries, for the investor it is mainly a question of appearance. For the operator however is a new challenge when it comes to the technical operation of such plants. For the physical inspections or in case of maintenance and repair work an experienced service team is required, which can be sufficiently provided by ENcome due to its long lasting experience in the photovoltaic industry.

ENcome Energy Performance was founded by a team of three managers that bring together close to 40 years of experience in renewable energy and more than 20 years in PV to the business. Well skilled engineers ensure the best yield for every renewable energy park in any grid environment. ENcome’s flexible and scalable monitoring infrastructure, with a frontend tailored for plant owners and investors, optimizes the user experience for our customers and the efficiency of our operation team. ENcome offers all services along the asset lifecycle with one single point of contact, partnering amongst others with renowned law firms, tax advisers and security centers.