Facelifting ENcome in the UK: New Leadership and Strategic Direction


ENcome is redefining its business in the UK. With new leadership and a strategic vision, the independent O&M company is ready to reshape its services in the UK with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and innovation.

ENcome in the UK is a major player in the O&M sector. Founded in 2015, it currently manages over 200 MWp. Focused mainly on utility-scale, ground-mount, and large roof installations, it utilizes a dedicated UK team to provide full asset and technical management, as well as O&M services, which include LV and HV operations. 

Under the new leadership, ENcome in the UK has undergone reorganization, welcoming Ewan Borthwick as the new Managing Director and Simon Buckenham as the Head of Technical Operations. Ewan brings 9 years of experience in the solar industry with a focus on supporting the design and construction of utility-scale solar installations. Simon has been working in the solar industry for over a decade, with notable achievements including his contributions to the initial development of solar O&M standards at Lightsource and his successful restructuring of O&M departments at one of his previous companies.

Ewan and Simon have recently stepped into the spotlight after assuming their new roles at ENcome. With their extensive expertise and experience, they are now key figures in the Operations and Maintenance sector within the UK renewable energy market. We'll step deeper into their insights on O&M at ENcome and their perspectives on the UK market by interviewing Ewan and Simon. 

How would you describe the Unique Selling Proposition of ENcome? 

ENcome stands out as an agile, independent, and dynamic company, offering expertise at every stage of solar plant ownership and management. "Our commitment to fostering trust and collaboration with customers ensures optimum utilization and performance of the assets," says Ewan.

How does UK distinguish between other European countries in the O&M sector?

The UK solar industry and its related O&M services originated and are influenced by an investor and financial perspective, according to Simon. The focus is on shareholders and financial gains. Within Europe, solar O&M services appear to be built around fostering good relationships, which are established and developed within the sector. Services work closely with clients to achieve a shared goal.

What's ENcome's vision and goals for its UK operations? 

ENcome is looking to rebrand the UK entity under the new management team and supply O&M services to a high standard and level of professionalism. "We want to establish a framework and resources to double the portfolio within 2 years," notes Ewan. ENcome is also investing in talent and capabilities to aid business growth. This strategic move will enable ENcome to play a larger role in the renewable energy market and position itself for the expanding solar and battery storage sectors in the UK. 

What is ENcome's approach to customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships? 

ENcome focuses on being a trusted independent service provider. All its customer interactions are based on building long-term relationships with an open and honest attitude toward partnership arrangements. "We focus on listening to customers and meeting their key requirements rather than providing a standard catch-all type of O&M offer, which may not fully meet the customers' expectations," states Ewan. 

How does ENcome plan to lead in renewable energy and O&M technology advancements? 

“The UK market is rapidly maturing and evolving, with a current emphasis on larger new builds via EPCs for both solar and battery storage projects. ENcome is supporting these EPCs so they can concentrate their resources on the construction phase of contracts, while ENcome takes over the O&M responsibilities early on using their expertise,” emphasizes Ewan. For older and smaller sites, ENcome can provide experience in managing these installations, which are in the middle of their life cycle. This helps customers decide whether repowering is necessary or if the operating life of the existing plant can be extended cost-effectively without significant further investment. 

What developments does the solar industry anticipate in the near future? 

“The O&M sector is proving to be highly competitive but not significantly lucrative. O&M service providers often use O&M contracts as the cornerstone of their business and seek additional repowering opportunities to boost their revenue streams and profit margins,” says Simon. “The emergence of battery storage at both utility and commercial scales, along with the substantial pipeline of solar and battery energy storage systems (BESS) in the UK, underscores the nascent state of battery storage O&M services.” This sector requires further development and is identified as a potential area for growth. 

What innovative technologies are expected to shape the future of the industry? 

According to the Managing Director and the Head of Technical Operations, one of the key potential technological advancements in renewable energy and O&M will be the use of AI. This aids in predictive maintenance scheduling, allowing for autonomous monitoring of plants and flagging up issues before they become problematic. ENcome is collaborating with universities to advance the understanding of AI in the market. 

Moreover, cybersecurity in utility and commercial networks, especially in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), could be critical for ensuring the UK’s power supply. Simon emphasizes that BESS and related PPC management systems and communications are areas of limited knowledge within the sector, offering strong potential for development in providing technical and service support. 

How does ENcome intend to attract and retain talent in the UK? 

ENcome is constantly looking to develop its workforce, such as investing in training with inverter manufacturers. They are also developing field engineers in their HV authorizations, building experience diaries, and guiding them through AP1, 2, and 3 toward potential SAP roles in the future. Employees can also identify areas in which they would like to develop their skills and careers, and if mutually beneficial, ENcome will support them in achieving their goals. Individual career plans ensure individuals are regularly informed about their progress and development. The aim is for individuals to grow with the company and feel truly valued. 

"We are always striving to ensure a reasonable work-life balance for our employees," remarks Ewan. "As a reactive maintenance company, we have response time commitments with customers that we must meet. Therefore, we aim to plan as much as possible, including weekend rota call-out support. Additionally, we have a flexible working policy where employees can request revised working arrangements to accommodate their changing personal situations." 

All in all, with Ewan and Simon, ENcome is perfectly prepared to reshape its business in the UK. Drawing on ample experience and knowledge from previous enterprises, ENcome is stepping into a promising future with new innovations and a special focus on customer satisfaction.  

About ENcome 

ENcome Energy Performance is a leading provider of independent O&M services in the solar sector. Specializing in the optimization and maintenance of PV projects in Europe and Australia. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, ENcome delivers comprehensive services that enhance the efficiency and performance of energy sites.  

Looking ahead, we invite you to join us at Intersolar Europe in Munich from June 18th to 21st, where we eagerly anticipate engaging with both current and prospective customers. We are excited about the opportunity to showcase our capabilities and explore new avenues for partnership and growth.  

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