ENcome Energy Performance Embarks on Comprehensive Revamping Project in Italy


ENcome Energy Performance (“ENcome”) a leading O&M service provider in the PV-sector is proud to announce the commencement of a significant revamping project in Italy. This initiative, undertaken in collaboration with Tion Renewables (“Tion”), a German IPP that operates a portfolio of wind and solar power plants across Europe, aims to enhance the efficiency and output of the energy site through the comprehensive upgrade of modules, inverters, and cabins.

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The project describes a notable milestone in the ongoing partnership between ENcome and Tion, underscoring a shared commitment to sustainability and technological advancement. By integrating new technology and leveraging ENcome’s extensive expertise, the revamp will contribute to not only to the deployment of new modules and inverters improving performance and availability but also targeting a new cables layout to minimize the future operational costs.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Customer Satisfaction

“This project is a testament to ENcome’s dedication to delivering high-quality O&M services that meet the evolving needs of our clients,” said Luca Marcucci, Managing Director Italy and Spain at ENcome. “Working closely with Tion, we are set to enhance the performance and reliability of the site, ensuring  it continues to meet the demand for clean energy with improved efficiency.”

Dr. Martin Siddiqui, CEO of Tion Renewables: “With Italy being one of our core markets and ENcome being a key local partner of choice, this is only the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership.”

All in all, the current revamping project and the partnership between ENcome and Tion are set to amplify their impact and streamline sustainable practices.

About ENcome Energy Performance
ENcome Energy Performance (“ENcome”) is a leader in energy solutions, specializing in the optimization and maintenance of PV-projects in Europe and Australia. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, ENcome delivers comprehensive services that enhance the efficiency and performance of energy sites. To get more information follow us on Linkedin.

About Tion Renewables
Tion Renewables (“Tion”) operates a portfolio of wind and solar power plants across Europe with a capacity of approx. 170 megawatts and holds a stake in the European IPP clearvise AG. To learn more, visit www.tion-renewables.com or connect with us on LinkedIn.