ENcome provides optimized anti-theft protection for PV installations


Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (01.12.2014): Across Europe intrusions in PV installations are significantly increasing recently. Offenders do not only steal cables or components, they also cause significant damage due to vandalism. This leads to the fact that numerous insurance companies either increase premiums and retentions or exclude theft from the insurance cover. A professional two-stage security system is the prerequisite for an efficient counter-strategy. However, in case of intrusion also an optimized process is crucial. ENcome operates several PV installations in regions with a high risk of thefts. So far, in spite of an increasing number of theft attempts no serious damage could be generated.

Attempted thefts of substantial PV components also affect portfolios operated by ENcome. Last week alone two theft attempts at one single PV installation were noticed. However, both attempts could have been defeated without significant damage thanks to a professionally functioning security system together with a fast and effective process in case of alarm detection.


A security system for PV installations normally consists of two components. First of all, an intrusion detection prevents the entering of offenders into the installation. While most installations are simply secured with a mesh-wire fence, ENcome relies on electricity fences together with an intruder detection system. In case of an entering attempt an alarm is immediately generated, ideally through various redundant signal channels. An alarm is only as good as the triggered process behind it. Also here ENcome relies on a two-stage system consisting of a local alarm pursuer and an alarm control centre regionally far away from the local security company.


„Once the local security company is aware of the independent and real-time supervision, pressure is rising and therefore also the compliance level of our security process guidelines“, explains Dr. Robin Hirschl, Chief Executive Officer of the ENcome group, the company’s concept. In case that a theft attempt was successfully defended, the full functionality of all security components has to be checked and, if necessary, re-established within a few hours. Here again, Robin Hirschl can report from recent experiences: “At one of our recent incidents in Southern Italy offenders have cut cables, obviously to come back the next night for the actual theft. After the automatic alarm the local security company remained on-site and by noon next day the system was fully functional again and alive.”

Whereas in the past it was sufficient to protect its PV installation better than next door, altered circumstances nowadays require adapted measures. ENcome professionally supports plant owners in protecting their investment, to be able to generate clean electricity also tomorrow.

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